5 Weeks of Indie

Madtek Studios is finally starting up properly. I managed to get two of my friends to join me on my endeavors in making great and memorable games.
Dean Vosloo will take on the role of level design and sound design.
Tayler Jackson will take the lead in the art department.

We still going to mix up roles quite a lot where required, until we get more experienced with this.

And this is where the title of this post comes in. 5 Weeks of Indie, 5 weeks of rapid prototyping and just getting some ideas out there. We will post a devlog of our progress here as well. And hopefully, once this is all done, we have something to expand on and turn into a fully functional game.

These 5 weeks will be absolutely grueling, but most definitely worth it. So to my new team members – good luck. Let us make our mark on the world.